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At Regency trees we offer a wide variety of services, from all tree work and hedge cutting to compost delivery and concrete spur installation. Please get in touch for a specific quotation.


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Tree Services

Crown Lift

What is it?
Crown lifting is the removal of the lower limbs of a tree in order to increase the clear space between the ground and the lowest branches. 

Why do it?
Crown lifting may be required where more space is needed beneath a tree e.g. over footpaths and car parks (The UK highway regulations state that clearance over any road must be 5.2 metres and over a footpath, 2.5metres) 

Crown lifting will also reduce the weight of a tree allowing more light to pass through the branches, it may also be required to reduce/remove tree interference with property, phone lines, fences etc.

Crown Reduction

What is it? 
A crown reduction is the removal of the ends of branches back to a previous growth point in order to reduce the overall size of the canopy. 

Why do it?
A crown reduction may be required when a tree outgrows its surroundings,  to reduce stress on individual branches or the tree overall to ensure structural integrity. 

Reducing the crown of a tree may also be necessary to remove damaged or diseased branches.

Crown Thinning

What is it?
Crown thinning is the removal of secondary, newer shoots and branches in the crown of a tree, while maintaining the overall size and shape of the canopy. 

Why do it?
Crown thinning can be required to allow more light to pass through the tree branches, or to reduce wind resistance, therefore ensuring the tree structure remains safe in high winds.


What is it? 
Pollarding is the removal of branches and shoots to create knuckle like knots where the tree canopy would be ordinarily. 

Why do it? 
Traditionally the branches and shoots were used as fodder for livestock, however now it is most commonly seen in urban areas to control and limit the growth of a tree. 

Pollarding can also be done to aid recovery in diseased trees.

Dead Wooding

What is it? 
Dead wooding is the removal of dead limbs and branches from a tree.

Why do it? 
Dead wooding is essential to maintain safety beneath trees. When branches and limbs die, they become brittle and will easily snap in adverse weather conditions. It is therefore necessary to remove them.

Formative Pruning

What is it?
Formative pruning is the shaping of branches of young trees, particularly fruit trees. 

Why do it? 
Formative pruning is important in the early stages of a trees life in order to encourage even growth resulting in an aesthetically pleasing canopy shape when older. It is particularly important in fruit trees as a balanced structure is essential to support heavy crops.

Tree Felling

What is it?
Tree felling is the removal of a tree to ground level. 

Why do it?
There are many reasons to fell a tree, disease, safety,  or for aesthetic reasons. If you live within a conservation area, or there is a tree preservation order placed on the tree, we will need to apply to the local council to grant permission for works.

Stump Grinding

What is it?
Stump grinding is the removal of a tree stump after it has been felled to ground level. 

Why do it?
Stump grinding can be done in order to plant new trees in the place of the removed tree, or simply for aesthetic reasons, to remove the stump.

Tree Surveys

What are they?
Tree surveys are an overall health and safety check of any given tree or group of trees by a fully qualified arborist.  

Why do it?
A tree survey may be required to find out if a tree needs tree surgery; for example, if it is diseased or poses a risk to the public.

Other Services

Hedge Cutting

What is it?
Hedge cutting is the tidying and reduction of hedges.

Why do it?
Hedge cutting can be done to reduce the footprint of the hedge, giving more space and to be aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete Spur Installation

What is it?
Concrete spur installation fixes or strengthens fence posts. 

Why do it?
Concrete spur installation can fix fences after strong wind damage, or strengthen a fence line to prevent damage and loss in adverse weather conditions.

Compost and Topsoil Delivery

We sell 10mm grade fine compost made from 100% green materials, delivered to your property. It can be supplied loose or in ton bulk bags. 

Our topsoil is a blend of our compost and locally dug sand and is ideal for laying turf, improving soil and multipurpose garden use. It can be supplied loose or in ton bulk bags and delivered to your property.


Sourced sustainably and locally in Sussex we sell our seasoned firewood and deliver in bulk bags to your door, perfect for indoor log burners and open fires alike.

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